Provide insights and data to investigate the current competitive landscape
Enable go/no go decisions during product development
Collect data to assist with developing a strategy for a product
Access HTA data in major developed countries around the world

My Pharma Benchmark

  • Trust built on a decade of professional experience engaging with the pharmaceutical industry, Agencies, and health professionals, we put our expertise at your service.
  • Our mission is to facilitate the judicious use of Health Technology Assessment, pricing and reimbursement data that is available worldwide.

Why us?

  • For our deep understanding of health economics.
  • For the synergy of our first-hand expertises in IT, regulatory affairs and pharmaceutical market access.
  • For our company outreach

Company outreach

  • A portion of My Pharma Benchmark SAS profits go to patient associations and disease foundations
  • Suggestions welcomed from subscribers for news areas of involvement
  • For each purchased subscription, My Pharma Benchmark SAS will provide a free subscription given to a non-profit organization of your choice

Personalized subscription

Customizable levels of access and security (+ 70 fields)


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Assistance with data extraction and analysis

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Market access, pricing, and reimbursement strategy

Juliette Heurtebis
Pharm.D., President
Fanny Julhes
Pharm.D., Associate
Maik Röder
IT Expert, Associate


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